Cheap Digitizing

Embdigit - Cheap Digitizing

The influence of innovations and technological changes in the embroidery industry: leading to its cheap digitizing.

Cheap digitizing: a way forward for the expansion of embroidery industry.

The world we live in today is well advanced in innovations and technology in such a way that every aspect of the human life is being digitized. The more recent of some technological innovations and advancement is the smart city framework to be implemented by many countries, some advanced countries are already involved in the system. This system involves the use of technology and innovations into every facet of human life, thereby leading to the sustainability of the resources in existence. Before going further into what cheap digitizing is, we have to know what digitizing itself is, how it came to be.

Digitizing is a term that refers to the use of technology and innovations in the embroidery process. Embroidery is the process of designing on clothes, bed sheets, carpets, rugs, towels , etc. the embroidering process can be traced to fashion designing. Customers request for designs and arts to be put on their clothes to beautify the clothes. Embroidery in fashion designing represent the expression of feelings, representation of cultures, etc. the process of embroidery is not a small task, it usually requires hard work and dedication, because it's a very complicated task. Designers make use of thread and needle to knit any artwork they want to produce, though embroidering process in this 21st century has taken another dimension via the introduction of the state of the art innovations and technologies that have replaced the use of the hand for embroidery.

Innovations and technologies in embroidery industry

Some examples of the latest innovations in the field of embroidering.

The introduction of sophisticated embroidery machines has made possible cheap digitizing, some of the machines are listed below.

  • Elna 990- the semi-industrial embroidery machine
  • Elna 9500-computerized embroidery and sewing machine
  • PR655c
  • PR100e

The features of the machines the Elna 990-the semi-industrial embroidery machine

  • It's consist of 100 built-in embroidery designs
  • Single head 4-needle embroidery machine
  • 10 built-in monogram fonts
  • Lettering-upper and lower case
  • Fully independent bobbin winding
  • USB and ATA PC card compatible
  • Dual white led lights that can illuminate the entire work area.
  • Automatic stitch back after thread breakage
  • Full rotary hook.

As earlier stated, innovations and technologies have taken over almost every area of human life. In the area of embroidery is not left out. State of the art innovations in designing embroidering machines and tools has massively taken place to ease the stress and time consuming old method of embroidery.

These innovations of the state of the art technology in embroidery machines have made possible cheap digitizing in the fashion industry. Now a lot of embroidery services and orders from customers have been able to be achieved. As the result of the innovations in these machines, quality digitizing has been possible. A lot of embroidery services and customize designs have been achieved.

Digital embroidery services are of high demand; many see embroidery as a way of keeping their tradition alive, they use different designs to express their feelings, many other are interested in arts and craft, so the design on their cloth with digital services makes the fulfilled. When clothes are embroidered they last long most clothes start getting problems from the neck or hand area, most especially from the edges of clothes, but when they are designed with embroidery, they don't easily get issues. Another reason why people in digitizing is that they see as only people who are rich do digital embroidery because it's usually expensive to do it.

Digitizing is the most useful new ways of introducing different and elegant designs. This process involves stages that are done to bring out a unique and beautiful embroidery designs.

Digital imaging: this term is also called direct-to-garment printing from a jerk printer. A scanned image or a computer generated image used, this process is similar to that of a printing paper in a standard printer.

this is modern term for punching, reflecting the computerized method of turning artwork into a series of commands that can be read by the embroidery machine

Editing: this is the changing aspect of the design through a computerized editing program

Emblem: this is a logo or design with a finished edge

Digital tablet: the surface or the platen or on which original art that is to be customized is placed, then holds the artwork flat, allowing digitizer to specify various design characters by tracing and designating them with a digitizing puck.

Advantages Of Digitizing

The introduction of digitizing machines has made possible cheap digitizing; this is achieved through the high-quality result. As a result of many innovations in the embroidery system, companies, and other enterprises have been set up, leading to the employment of people. Also digitizing has been able to expose many culture and arts to the outside world, making those communities to gain relevance and possible development in the areas.

Disadvantages Of Digitizing

No matter how perfect the thing is, it will definitely have a disadvantage at one end. The new technology in embroidery, which is the introduction of high-tech machines cannot be able to get to the rural areas as a result of the inability of technical know-how of the people living in this areas. Another disadvantage is that the machines are expensive to acquire and maintain them.