Digitizing Services

Digitizing Services

We offer exceptional embroidery digitizing services leveraging our experience and dedicating our proficiency to help our customers stay to the fore of the novelty curve through collaborative dealings. Get your design digitized in a fraction of cost without wasting your time on finding other digitizing company, We have everything you need .

Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is the contemporary method used for exclusive and elegant designs . We accept artwork in all machine readable formats. Once the artwork is received we evaluate and subtle for better clarity. Qualified digitizers would then process your artwork into machine readable formats. We provide the artwork in the format which is requested by the client.

To process for embroidery digitizing the customer needs to register with our site filling their required information. Then the customer shall login in order to place an order? or place an estimate?. If the customer requests for an estimate, we shall process estimate request within 8 hours from the time the request is received. The estimate would include the stitch counts and the cost based on stitch counts which is an approximate figure and can vary up to 20% up or down. We try to be perfect on our estimates to avoid confusions but if in case the stitch counts and cost increase by more than 20% then the customer is liable to pay only for 20% and rest cost is borne by the company. The customer can then finalize the order by looking at the estimate.